Volume : 3, Issue : 3, JUL 2019


Neeraj Kumar Singh


The research in LIS in the past was considered primarily to provide a theoretical foundation to professional practice. The roots of research in LIS profession appears to be not very deep. Research in library science during the Twentieth Century in the areas of LIS can be traced to the Library School of the University of Chicago, in mid-1920s. The visionary efforts of the Chicago School bore abundant fruit and offered leadership to the world in library science research (Shera 1976). The pace of library research is picking up everywhere today due to social pressure, as well as, inspiration. In justifying the programme in profession, it has been urged that “if librarianship aspires to become a profession, it should depend upon research to develop its knowledge base and its theoretical framework” (Wilkinson 1983).


library science, library information, technology, library development.

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