Volume : 3, Issue : 3, JUN 2019

A Study on the Impact of Micro Insurance on Women Empowerment in Kerala

Kannan V Unnithan, Neenu Venugopal, Dr. M. Somasundaram


Micro insurance provides security to the low income group or poor people. It is a kind of a financial service package for poor people that cover their risks by paying a small amount of premium on regular basis. Women empowerment is critical to the process of development of the economy. It plays a crucial role in the alleviation of poverty and in the all round progress of the nation. Among the various measures targeted towards women empowerment, the provision of micro-insurance assumes great importance. Though various measures are been taken by the government in empowering the women, its outcomes are not been measures mostly. Kudumbashree, a community organization of Neighborhood Groups is one such programme in Kerala which strives towards women empowerment. This study tries to evaluate the impact of micro-insurance on the empowerment of rural people under Kudumbashree scheme.


Micro Insurance, Micro Insurance Products, Women empowerment, Self Help Group (SHGs), Neighbourhood Groups (NHGs).

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