Volume : 3, Issue : 3, SEP 2019


Dr. S. Sudharsan


E-Banking is the process by which a customer can perform banking transactions electronically without visiting a banking institution. E-banking refers to the use of information technology which allows customers to access banking services electronically like paying bills, transfer of funds, and check their account balance, to get updates and  other information. The e-banking channels are new delivery channels for banks in India. These channels are informative and act as a transactional medium for the users. Nowadays banks are working hard to attract customers and retain their place in the banking sector. Customers who use e-banking tend to be more profitable, and willing to refer their bank to friends and family than the traditional banking customers. Advanced technology is playing a major role in improving the services in banking. Electronic banking, automated fund transfers, and electronic fund transfers etc. are all technological innovations that have helped banks to provide faster and easier access for their customers.


Banking sector, e-banking, consumer satisfaction.

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