Volume : 3, Issue : 3, JUN 2019

Comparative, Evaluation Parameter for Toothpaste: A Review

Nisha Devi, Dr. Bharat Parashar, Rahul Thakur


We everyday use toothpaste for cleaning of teeth to protect it from germs and prevent bad odour and foul smell. Toothpaste is a gel to be used with a toothbrush to maintain and improve oral health. There are so many marketed toothpaste are available in Indian market, so many brands represent their toothpaste is best than other and they advertise their brand to catch the population towards them. In this review article we focus on the best marketed toothpaste by doing comparison study on so popular two marketed brands of India one is Colgate and other is Dant Kanti from Patanjali. The Colgate and Dantkanti toothpaste during stability study those the study show that, the formulation of toothpaste containing herbal extract can be possible which is used as good toothpaste.


Introduction, Material & method, Result & Conclusion.

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