Volume : 1, Issue : 1, OCT 2017


Alexander Owiredu, Moses Oppong, Elizabeth Otoo


The study examines the financial resilience and accountability within local Ghanaian Not-for-profit (NFP) organizations. The research design was predominately quantitative in approach. The population for the study consisted of all locally-registered NFP Christian Aid’s implementing partners in Ghana whose operation span from 2007-2014. In all, four (4) NFP organizations were purposively selected for the study. A multi-collinear regression model was used to analyze the data. With the exception of donor dependency ratio (DDR) all other variables were positively skewed. This showed a highly donor dependency among local Not-for-profit Organisations in Ghana. The dependent variable financial resilience was not symmetric. Again, their high dependence on donor funds depicts that the organisations are not financially resilient. This may be costly for the future sustainability of the implementing organizations hence the need for Christian Aid implementing partners to grow their incomes by diversifying.


Financial Resilience, Internal Accountability, Implementing Partners, Ghana.

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