Volume : 3, Issue : 3, JUN 2019

Health Professionals’ Perception of Self-Interest Against Corporate-Interest in Conflict Prevention in Selected Public Hospitals in Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Ighedose, Lucky Ojiezele, Okoronkwo, Ijeoma Lewechi


Background: In Nigeria, the need for government employees to place corporate interest above self- interest is codified. This is evident in the 1999 Constitution of the country in its Article 1 in the Fifth Schedule – Code of Conduct for Public Officers. Indications however exist where employees disregard this provision in their official conduct. Aim: To assess health professionals’ perception of self-interest against corporate interest in conflict prevention in public hospitals in Bayelsa State, and the Nigerian healthcare system in general. Methods: The study was a cross-sectional total population survey of 918 respondents involving quantitative and qualitative methods. The respondents were nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, optometrists and dieticians, medical laboratory scientists and doctors drawn from four major public hospitals in Bayelsa State. The instruments for data collection were FGDs and structured questionnaire developed by the researcher and validated by three experts in Healthcare Administration and Management. A coefficient of reliability at 0.86 from Cronbach alpha was reported. Descriptive statistics and analysis of variance were used to establish the degree of association of respondents’ perception. Tests were generally significant at p < 0.05 with a confidence level of 95%. Results: The mean age was 34.8 ± (1.21). There were more females (53.6%) than males (46.4%); more married respondents (54.9%) than Singles (43.2%) in the study. Majority across groups (82.37±6.97) believed that placing corporate interest before self-interest prevents conflict in public hospitals.  There was no significant difference in perception across groups (p > 0.05). Analysis of FGDs supported the findings.


Equity, discipline, corporate interest, subordination, deviance, managerial style.

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