Volume : 3, Issue : 3, AUG 2019


J. Santhosh Kumar, G. Sarath, B. Siddeswara Rao


Centrifugal blowers are utilized extensively for on-board naval applications that have high noise levels. The noise generated with a rotating component is principally because of random loading pressure around the blades and periodic iteration of incoming air using the blades from the rotor. The Contemporary blades in naval applications comprise Aluminum or Steel and generate noise that triggers disturbance to folks working close to the blower. The current work is aimed at observing the option of E-Glass instead of metal for much better vibration control. E-Glass, recognized for their superior damping characteristics tend to be more promising in vibration reduction when compared with metals. The modeling from the blower ended by solid works. It's suggested to create blower with Epoxy glass, evaluate its strength and deformation using FEM technique. To be able to evaluate the potency of E-Glass and metal blower using FEA packaged (ANSYS). Modal analysis is conducted on Aluminum and E-Glass blower to discover first five natural frequencies.


Blower design, E-Glass blower, noise levels, vibration control.

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