Volume : 3, Issue : 3, SEP 2019


Himani Malik, Gourav Nagpal


Internet of Things (IoT) plays the crucial role in Smart parking system. Smart parking is a emerging concept. as its sensors can provide information about status of parking slots. This paper aims at smart car parking system based on Iot.


As the number of vehicles on Indian roads are expected to increase by 10882262 by 2020, reducing average speed from an already miserly 6.4 kph to 4.7 kph walking speed for most people. While major infrastructural improvements are scheduled to take place to reduce the number of cars on the road, this paper proposed a solution directed at traffic space management to accelerate the process.


Studies have shown illegal encroachments by motor vehicles parking on roads have a massive effect of the flow in traffic. The purpose of this paper is to remove the all too familiar sight of cars parked on the roads by introducing smart parking technique using IOT.


IoT, Sensors, Smart Parking.

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