Volume : 2, Issue : 2, MAR 2018


Elizabeth Romero Samaniego, Sandra Luz Toledo Perea, Margarita Cervantes Trujano, Gustavo López Badilla, María Marcela Acosta Gómez, Karina Cecilia Arredondo Soto


In this study was used a novel FMEA method called VEGAM matrix that was designed and applied to this investigation and was made from 2015 to 2016 in an electronics industry of the Mexicali city, which is considered an arid zone of the northwest of the Mexican Republic. The novel method was applied in the manufacturing processes where occurred some failures of industrial equipment and machinery and some errors of workers that affect the quality of manufactured products in this company evaluated. With the novel method, was very fast and easy found the causes and effects of failures. The manufacturing processes evaluated contain automated and manual operations, which included the manner of make the functions in each step. The manufactured products evaluated of the electronic industry analyzed were electronic boards to an automated system used in the automatic pilot of aircrafts and if this electronic board have failures can generate a catastrophic event.


FME method, VEGAM matrix, manufacturing processes.

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